When Is Surgical Kidney Stone Removal Needed?

A properly functioning kidney removes fluid and waste from your blood to produce urine. But if you don’t eliminate the waste or get enough fluid in your kidneys, the buildup of both can stick together, causing kidney stones.

Not all kidney stones cause pain. Some are very small and pass through without any symptoms or pain. But if you have a larger stone, you can develop complications that may require surgery.

At Stone Relief Center in The Woodlands, Texas, we offer numerous procedures to give you the relief you need. If you have a larger stone, we have the expertise and experience to remove it surgically, as needed.

But how do you know if a surgical procedure is the best solution? At our practice, we offer many ways to break up and remove your kidney stone, but in certain cases, a surgical procedure might offer the best result.

Symptoms requiring surgery

Although kidney stones can be painful, they don’t always need to be removed surgically. But it might be necessary if you experience any of the following:

Our expert team can diagnose the severity of your kidney stone and provide the right treatment for you.

Types of surgery

During your diagnosis, we observe the size of your stone, plus other symptoms, as mentioned above. If you meet any or all of the requirements, we offer two surgical options:


During a ureteroscopy procedure, we use a tiny telescope that goes through your urethra and bladder and up your ureter to the kidney stone. 

Depending on the size of the stone, we can remove it with a small, wire basket that captures the whole stone, or we can fragment the stone with a laser and remove its broken pieces.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

For this type of surgery, we make a small incision in your back or side. We then thread a miniature scope and other small instruments through the hole to remove your kidney stone. 

If you have a large stone, we can break it up into pieces and vacuum them out. If the stone is smaller, we can pull it out with the proper medical tool.

If you suffer from kidney stones, schedule an appointment with us today by calling or requesting a consultation through our online system. We can also answer any questions before your visit. Just send us a message.

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