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Ureteroscopy is often the first treatment recommended to remove kidney stones that don’t pass out of your body on their own. The team at Stone Relief Center in The Woodlands, Texas, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. They have extensive experience in all methods of kidney stone removal, including ureteroscopy. If you have symptoms of kidney stones, or you’ve already been diagnosed with stones and need to schedule a ureteroscopy, call the office or use the online booking feature today.

Ureteroscopy Q & A

When might I need a ureteroscopy?

A ureteroscopy is an outpatient procedure to remove kidney stones in your kidney or ureter, the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder.

Ureteroscopy is often the first line of treatment for small stones in your kidney and stones that remain in the ureter and don’t naturally pass through your urine. However, it’s not typically done to remove large stones inside the kidney.

The procedure doesn’t require an incision because your Stone Relief Center provider inserts a narrow ureteroscope through the urethra and bladder and into the ureter or kidney.

The scope contains lighting and a camera that provides a magnified view of the inside of your urinary tract, allowing your provider to see and remove the stone.


What happens during ureteroscopy?

Though ureteroscopy is minimally invasive, you’ll receive anesthesia and be asleep throughout the procedure. Once the ureteroscope is at the kidney stone, your doctor at Stone Relief Center may perform two different techniques to get rid of the stone.

For most stones, they pass a tiny wire basket through the scope and use it to grab the stone and pull it out of the ureter or kidney. If the stone is too large for the basket, your provider may pass a laser fiber through the scope and use it to break apart the stone. Then the pieces are suctioned out of your urinary tract.


Will I need a ureteral stent due to a ureteroscopy?

A ureteral stent is a flexible tube that goes from your kidney, through the ureter, and into your bladder. The stent maintains the normal flow of urine and also prevents any stone pieces from blocking the ureter.

Ureteroscopy can cause temporary swelling of the ureters, so your provider may decide to insert a stent to hold the ureter open and ensure you can continue to urinate while you heal. You may also need a stent if you have an infection, the stone is large, or you only have one kidney.

The stent stays in place for a few days after your procedure. Then your Stone Relief Center provider removes it in a simple procedure performed in the office.

If you have kidney stone symptoms such as sudden, severe pain in your back, side, or abdomen, or you’d like to learn more about kidney stone removal, call Stone Relief Center or schedule an appointment online.